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  • That's shorter than you?
  • Who makes less money than you?
  • With children?
  • Of a diffterent race?
  • What about if he lived with his mother?
Can't find a good man? On the bachelorette scale, you rank highly desirable - smart, attractive, funny, and sociable. You're an all-around great catch, and can't comprehend why you're as single as a one dollar bill. The answer could begin with that seemingly innocent list you've compiled as a result of past relationship disappointments. You may know it as your "Ideal Man" list, which begins with a few non-negotiables such as rich, fine, successful and . . . " This list, originally intended to help you steer clear of "Mr. Wrong," has likely become your ball and chain, retarding your love life and impeding your ability to obtain romance by severely narrowing your dating pool. Success, in life and love, gravitates towards those who are willing to be flexible, but be careful, because those who hold out for everything -- often walk away with nothing!

This book will help you: 
  • Avoid judging a potential mate unfairly 
  • Take the limits off your romantic choices 
  • Set standards that are realistic and attainable 
  • Stop sabotaging your love life 
  • Redefine your "Mr. Right" 
  • Increase your dating prospects
  • Look beyond the superficial for true compatibility
  • Learn how to balance your "Ideal Man" list
 Once I started reading this book I couldn't put it down!! ? Jenee Lynn-Judd  

 A quick and enjoyable read, I felt as though Sondra Wright had read my heart and my mind when she wrote this book? Angel B 

 It is so true and yet funny? Gerry